Data Enrichment

Imagine building powerful Artificial Intelligence models using nothing but process logs, firewall reports and email addresses? That’s the concept behind our investment in Data Enrichment technology designed to convert disjoint attributes into meaningful insights.

In simple terms, Data Enrichment turns waste stream into a value stream. Best of all, it’s more than an investment – it’s a viable solution that helps companies develop new and exciting capabilities and differentiate from the compentition.

Partnership Opportunity 

Looking for the best franchise opportunity? You've come to the right place! Franchising could be the ideal choice for you. No matter what the economy, there always are franchise concepts on fire to meet the needs of consumers. The franchising model works because of its tested, proven approach and streamlined operational characteristics. Add to that equation a popular product or service and you have a business model rich with potential. In fact, 1 of every 10 businesses in the United States is a franchise business.

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