Operationalizing Big Data
The new CARP (Cloud Analytics and Rules Platform) architecture developed by Zelant Software, Inc exposes analytics interfaces, which are engineered to be invoked from applications. The intelligent computing machinery encapsulated in the CARP platform integrates seamlessly with in-house software.
The CARP architecture is location agnostic. It deploys equally well in the cloud using commodity computing resources as well as on in-house hardware.
Deploying analytics machinery in a scalable way requires data to be sent over the wire. Communicating with networked computational resources must be done in a secure and responsible way. Zelant Software, Inc works hard at insuring secure data transfer by relying on secure transfer protocol as well as record de-identification of customer data.
Zelant Software, Inc. works with data scientists and data engineers to help customers take full advantage of their specialized data and achieve brand differentiation. Designer algorithms produced by our staff rely on the cutting edge research in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and are optimized for industry verticals as well as individual customer organizations.